The truth about the government and the gambling

The truth about the government and the gambling

This article talks about the governments involvement in video lottery terminals in the US and Canada. Video terminals, also known as VLTs, are like slot machines, except that they are completely electronic in nature. With VLT you just put on a button and the computer in the terminal plays the game and you win or lose either. In the US, not all states, VLTs, New York, Rhode Island, Delaware, and Ohio have any of the states that allow video terminals. These slot machines are known to be highly addictive, and its no secret that they were built and designed to be addictive.

Like all other games that make money, VLT was thought to be attractive and exciting. Video terminals have proved to be more addictive than many other game forms, and that is why some states do not allow them. So why do some states allow them and some do not. Some states voted for the machines and some against them, and thankfully, not all states allow them. These gaming terminals are highly addictive and are very destructive to many people. This type of game can cause problems in a players life in many ways.

In Canada, all provinces have these machines in addition to British Columbia and Ontario. But Ontario should allow them soon when new laws are passed. In Canada, the gambling earns the government over 13 billion a year. The amount of the 13 billion produced by video clips is unclear at this time, but it should be important to say the least.

So what are these machines that make them so attractive and addictive. First of all, they were designed by specialists in spell science to make them extremely addictive. If you take a rat and put him in a box box with a red light and then you give him food every time the red light continues, the rat continues to come back. The rat goes back to the place where the food is given each time the red light flashes, even though there is no food. Its about the same with these machines, gambler likes it so much when he wins something as he will keep pushing the button until he wins again. The player will often be glued in front of the machine for more than 5 hours and just waits for the machine to pay a large amount even though it can not happen for a very long time.

The specialists who created these video machines made them so as to be as addictive as possible. So whos behind these games can you ask. Surprisingly, it is our governments that are responsible for these addiction machines. Our governments own and regulate VLTs in both the US and Canada.

What bothers a lot of people is that the government is not about these forms of gambling. The government tells us that a game should remain a game and that we should play responsibly. How can the government tell us that after deliberately creating a game that is extremely addictive. They create a way for people to become addicted and then they tell us to play responsibly. It is like a drug trader who treats drugs and then tells the user to use them responsibly.

Its not meaningless to me how can our own government be allowed to let us open so everyone accepts it. The government even has programs set up to help problem players with their addiction. But heres the kicker, these programs funded by the government tells the player to play responsibly, not to quit. But almost everyone knows that people who use services to stop playing can not play responsibly and that is why they seek help.

The government is very deceptive and it seems they will do everything and everything they can to take your money. We would expect to see this kind of behavior from a government in a third world where dictators and cheats reside. It is sad that this happens in civilized countries, and that people are willing to accept this fraud.

New laws must be transferred where these terminals are either prohibited or sufficient information if their addictive nature is posted on the machine itself.

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