Psychological reasons for gambling

Psychological reasons for gambling

Gambling may be considered the second oldest profession known for humanity. Apart from the primitive urges that drove the monkeys throughout their development routine, an innate desire to take risks and show a master among their people the only quality that restricted the crews psyche and made Homo Sapiens leading runners in the battle of survival. This attraction to ignorance and things, whose result was beyond the control of physical and mental ability, formed the basis of our science, religion, mythology, theology and the greatest part of the knowledge that continued to become a hallmark of our kind. It was not Adam and Eve who played the Destiny and the Lords order when they took the bite of the forbidden fruit? Behold! How their games have paid off ...

The attraction to the chance is thus something that has been hard-wired in our psyche. The reason for it can be attributed to our ancestors, just up there in prehistoric times, which always fought a bit odd or the other. Their beating these odds was the key to their survival and their race. Cut to the 21st century. Gambling today is a multi-billion dollar industry that thrives on passion and adds to a modern player who is always almost missing to beat the serious jackpot. What compels a tough businessman or an executive with fine degrees; a testimony to the intelligence and rationale that has guided them in all aspects of their lives; to blow away their hard-earned money for one night in an obscene casino, makes it possible for an interesting studio to disperse the light of motives and desires in a mind that always lives on the edge.

First of all, we should understand that all players do not fit into stereotyped images that other non-players have of them. Here we refer to both stereotypes that are located at the opposite end of the spectrum. One is a sophisticated, sophisticated ladyman who knows his wine and always has three aces on his sleeve: an image enhanced by James Bond as characters that make gambling so incredibly glamorous and sexy. On the other end is the poor cousin of this handsome devil. He is a social root - famished, on drugs, stealing, fighting; all for the sake of the game. He has become so addicted that his existence is threatened and he is a threat to his society and family. Thankfully, our real gambler is somewhere in the middle of this spectrum.

In real life, the gaming industry can be divided into three major classes, each with their own motives and reasons. These are:

Casual Gamblers or Low Risk Gamblers:

This is a category of people who take games for what it is, a sport. These are those who will play a card game on special occasions, bet on horse racing as part of a social event and place a bet with their cousins ​​who are equally passionate about the outcome of the Euro Cup. For them, gambling is just one of the skills required to determine that they are people in the world. Because their societal circle requires this or they get excitement of this, they lure themselves into play. The most important thing is, however, that they always play with the excess they have and know when to draw the line when they go up and continue their lives.

Habitual Gamblers or Problem Gamblers:

This category consists of people for whom games have gone from being a time drive to serious business. For them it has become a habit that can not be kicked off easily because they enjoy games for the sake of the game. The reason why regular players are categorized as problem players because playing as a habit in themselves is certainly a serious issue for any individual unless he has a continuous winning strike.

Pathological players:

This is the category that probably consists of the people who are the reasons for the other stereotype mentioned above. Pathological is defined in psychological language as a compulsion characterized by the ability to withstand overwhelming and irrational desires. Thus, pathological players are those who are irrationally attracted to games and have lost judgment when its time for them to call it one day.

This was the classification of players with their reasons for what they are. Lets now try to understand how a person moves in these steps. What actually initiates an individual in the gaming world? As mentioned earlier, for our ancestors to avoid risks, there was a great risk that they could not afford to take. In view of where we stand today, in dark forests with only stone tools, chasing a beast was a dangerous play, which most people will not pay for today. But for them there was a way of living. So slowly but surely, this risk-taking capacity has boiled down in all of us. For a beginner the risk of gambling is so small and rewarding so high that it makes sense to continue with it.

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